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Mustard Plaster

When my kids have bronchitis or pnemonia, this is what kicks it…

Mix 2 TB dry mustard powder (superfine) to one egg white.

Spread the plaster onto an old piece of clean cotton (I usually cut up an old t-shirt for this)

Lay the cotton, plaster side down, against chest.  Cover with another later of cotton (the other side of the cut t-shirt)

Then cover all with a towel.  Leave on for 30 minutes, or as long as you can stand it, but don’t exceed 40 minutes.  It will feel like it’s burning, but the egg white will prevent the skin from actually burning and blistering.  The enzymes from the mustard can penetrate the lungs, and break up the fluid.  Repeat several times a day if needed.  For small children, you can place the plaster facing up, with a thin layer of cotton between their skin and the mustard, but it won’t work as well.  Be sure to mix it with egg white, not the whole egg, and not water.


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